Welcome to hell, Bitch. New world order -- Mykki Blanco


 Mykki Blanco walked out on stage wearing wrinkled silk pajamas offsetting a tussled platinum bob.  They immediately went on to thank opening performers Leafraker and close friend and performer Cakes the killer. Then apologized if anyone thought they were “a cold bitch” to everyone before the show, since they are used to venues having a private room before the show to prepare. Upon that statement there was no other cause for doctrine in the night; Blanco grinned and said “This is my first time in Boise, my name is Mykki Blanco” The lights darkened and they carried the mic stand behind their neck, hands wrapped around each end and their head forced to hang forward as they staggered, gif-like, around the parameters of the stage. They then sang the track “Im in a mood” from Mykki, Mykki Blanco’s first full-length album.  This track set the mood of what this show represented for most attendees -- duality. 

           On one spectrum we saw “For the homey’s” and “SCALES” where confrontational, and chaotic gut-boiling aggression surges through Blanco (now shirtless displaying a new “Fuck trump” tattoo), and repeating the words “I go Randy Savage on this mother fucker, I go Randy Savage on this mother fucker, I go Randy Savage on this mother fucker.” Then we experience the essence of deep empty space and dissonant thoughts in certain transitional interludes. Contrasting both of these we see emotional narratives about coming out as HIV positive in “ You don’t know me” and “High School Never Ends”  

          Blanco was determined to display everything that their life has cultivated to thus far, and as one could assume, that doesn’t just fit within the perimeters of a stage.  Mid “Haze.Boogie.Life” They jumped into the crowded main floor and told everyone to make a circle.  Snapchats and flashes of blurry photos, like my own, carried on fiendishly, as others acted out the lyrics with Mykki:  “Let me roll the dice, see what I can lay, Lady feeling right, see what I can slay”

          In between songs we heard a rendition of  “I wanna be loved by you,” originally sang by Helen Kane, and the barbarous wail in the intro to Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song.”


         The antics and hijinks continued throughout most of the night; from tying their top onto the mic stand and swinging it harrowingly to and fro, to sharing their tinder profile while standing on a bar table, and beating the front row gruesomely with a plush cheetah print body pillow. It reached its culmination as Mykki sang their closing song "Head Is a Stone." Ripping their wig off from their scalp and head banging in the audience, then climbing back on stage and holding the wig out in front of them as the trophy of a triumphant battle, but in this case, the victory was in capturing perfect fluidity. The closing outro prompted an ecstatic audience into a chant of “FUCK TRUMP, FUCK TRUMP, FUCK TRUMP!” as they stepped off stage.

          Mykki and Cakes the Killa both hung out after the show for another hour speaking to various audience member who shared how important it was to them that the Stunt Queen tour came through Boise. Mykki and Cakes were both humble and attentive to their fans. Duck Club having artists such as Cakes the Killa and Mykki Blanco tour through, not only gives the treasure valley an opportunity to support artists of marginalized communities, but also the opportunity to witness performances that unify our voices in sharing these struggles. Mykki Blanco shows that vulnerability, sexuality, and fluidity is not something to only be compared to in performances, but how our constructs of gender norms in American society are greatly misconceived.

May 1, 2017