It can be challenging and frustrating for artists early in their writing histories to seek publication, and OROBORO was founded in part to address that frustration. New writers deserve to see their work published, and deserve the same care and generosity shown to published authors. We love being the first publication of emerging writers and encourage submissions from people of any age and experience. We also expect experienced writers who submit for publication to embrace this attitude and find value in having their work published alongside new writers.

Publishing tri-annual issues of poetry, flash fiction, and comics, OROBORO will be able to publish as many as eight authors an issue as well as host two annual writing contests judged by a national author - contests that include a cash prize as well as a comment about the winner’s work from the guest judge.

Death Rattle’s ambitious plan for this year’s programming and publishing endeavours is for everything to work symbiotically with each other - workshops to support publication themes, the contests and the year-long reading series, and into the annual festival itself- much like the cycle of the ouroboros.

We at OROBORO are are proud of what you as an artistic community have to offer and wait excitedly to see what our first year of publication has in store.

Interested in local writing essays, non-fiction, journalism, or arts and culture reviews? 

Submissions for the Death Rattle Review are always open!