Submissions to perform your poetry, flash fiction, and prose are currently CLOSED for Death Rattle Writers Fest 2019! A huge thank you to everyone who submitted to the fest in 2018 — The festival was a huge success thanks to all of the participants amazing work everyone was willing to share with us and our community. Can’t wait to see what we all can accomplish in 2019.

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We’ve got free workshops, readings, and a dance party!

Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019 ✹ Day 1
The Spill: Something in the Woods
Erotica ✹ Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019

Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019 ✹ Day 2
Book Fair ✹ Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019
Death Rattle Writers Fest Presents Hell◈Raver

Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019 ✹ Day 3
Workshop: Carta Monir
Workshop: Juli Majer + Cristian Hernandez (DDOOGG)


As always,

Death Rattle is striving to create programming that reflects and invites an inspiring and atmospheric outlet for local artists and marginalized communities fostering an accessible, diverse, and experimental literary scene in our community. In 2019, we are excited to be able to bring artists and writers into the Treasure Valley to be featured alongside our strong and diversely talented group of authors creating and performing here locally. ✹

We here at Death Rattle have seen in our community how much you all have grown in your work and performances and creativity, and we want to continue as an organization to grow with you. This year's programming will be structured as a year round, symbiotic series of education and celebration -- featuring spotlight readings with touring and local poets, authors, and comic book artists to work in tandem as a place to sow seeds, jump in, and hold up a robust creative community.

All of this culminates in the festival you know and love, taking place over three days in October 2019. Death Rattle’s ambitious plan for this year’s programming and publishing endeavours is for everything to work symbiotically with each other - workshops to support publication themes, the contests and the year-long reading series, and into the annual festival itself- much like the cycle of the ouroboros.  We look forward to better serving readers and writers in our community this coming year.

☻ SUBMISSIONS for OROBORO VOL. 2 are currently CLOSED! ☻ (10).gif