An approachable yet serious festival, Death Rattle has found momentum while still providing a platform for writers in the Treasure Valley and beyond. In four years, the festival has nearly doubled in size every year and has grown to encompass additional mediums, like hip-hop shows and – new this year – the first ever book fair, which will feature comics, zines, novels and prints.

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Death Rattle Writers Festival Brings Outsider Literature Back to Nampa

Because of its unique mission, IDWR both seeks out and attracts outsider artists. The board members, who are diverse themselves, make a point to host minority-specific events like this year's LBGTQIA Readers Showcase and the story session "Motherland: A Story Collage of Refugee Experiences," which will put the Treasure Valley refugee community center stage.

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Death Rattle Writers Festival up for a sequel in Nampa

Many local and area writers have submitted poetry, essays, flash fiction, short stories and nonfiction pieces to be presented at the festival, and select entries will be featured alongside works by well-established writers, including Portland-based poet Mike Young; award-winning author Alan Heathcock; Boise’s first poet laureate, Diane Raptosh; and author and poet Martin Corless-Smith, who teaches Creative Writing at Boise State University.

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