Thank you a million times to everyone who submitted to Vol. 2!
We received an amazing amount of submissions and loved working through them all and seeing what everybody had to say.  

☻ SUBMISSIONS for OROBORO VOL. 2 are currently closed!
In the meantime, catch
Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 !

Note: These are not submissions for reading your work live at Death Rattle Writers Festival.

Submissions to perform at 2019 DEATH RATTLE are currently CLOSED! HUUUUGE thank you to everyone who submitted this year and we can’t wait to put together an amazing fest with everyone.

2019 Festival Keynotes Here!

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We’ve got free workshops, readings, and a dance party!

Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019 ✹ Day 1
Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019 ✹ Day 2
Death Rattle Writers Fest Presents Hell◈Raver
Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019 ✹ Day 3
Workshop: Carta Monir
Workshop: Juli Majer + Cristian Hernandez (DDOOGG)
Erotica ✹ Death Rattle Writers Festival 2019



5-6 poems and / or 10 pages. However, you MUST send us a minimum of 2 works, as we cannot get a feel for your style and intention or how your work would fit into an issue without being able to review multiple pieces. We look at excerpts from long poems, too.

Submissions should include work in one file in .docx or pdf.



1000 word limit. We look at excerpts from longer work, too.

Submissions should include work in one file in .docx or pdf.



Yes! We take comics! 

4 page submission limit. Again, we prefer more than one page of comics / multiple pieces submitted so we are more able to get a feel for your style and intention. If you don’t have more than one piece, giving us context for your comic submission in your cover letter would be A+ !!!

Submissions should include work in one image file, .jpeg, or pdf. 

300 dpi minimum. No larger than 8.5 x 11 in: (there’s some artistic wiggle room with this one.)

All submissions must include a cover letter. A cover letter includes why you are submitting to OROBORO and a short biography about yourself. 

Simultaneous submissions are allowed and encouraged, just let us know if a portion or the whole of the submission is accepted elsewhere via a submittable note or email.

If we’ve published you before, you’re allowed to resubmit to OROBORO again.

If you've submitted to OROBORO before - whether or not you’ve been included in an issue before or not yet - we encourage you to submit again! We always love to see how you are growing as an artist.

Please do not send us previously published work. 

Only one submission per open reading period although we encourage you to submit again. 

Any unsolicited submissions sent to us outside of our submission period will be discarded.

All work will be copy edited for design purposes.

All rights revert to the authors upon publication, though we ask you cite OROBORO when published elsewhere or in anthology.

If you are unable to submit your work online or experience any difficulties with our submittable, please let us know at deathrattlewriter@gmail.com

Death Rattle Review

Submissions for our blog Death Rattle Review are always open!  We publish non-fiction essays, interviews, and reviews on books, poetry, movies, community events and culture. Send us your submission at deathrattlewriter@gmail.com.

OROBORO will be hosting an annual literary contest with a distinguished guest judge. Contest includes a $100 Honorarium and a statement from the judge about your work. We announce certain stipulations or themes for submitting upon opening for submission. Our contest submission period will open late summer 2019.